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07 December 2006 @ 08:30 pm
"All About You" - Chapter 7  
Title: All About You
Author: Your humble servant, LilyMarielle =)
Rating: R...as it will be progressing, I have to be sure.
Summary: The lads from McFly are exhausted. Their manager has arranged for them a special retreat to a house near a beach. A vacation at last. The house was going to be theirs for the whole summer. Yet, an unexpected habitant, the owner's daughter, arrives with hopes of getting away from life and find moments of peace.
Chapter: 7/?

Lilly grinned childishly as the sand grazed her feet. It was hot, smooth, dry and more pleasurable than any other person might have ever considered. With Baxter at her side, she made her way to the wooden chairs that were located below a giant umbrella, adding shadow to what palm trees already gave. The wooden chairs had dark green cushions that ensured the comfort of guests.
She waved at Mike who was walking back and forth in the background, busy with several matters. The beach was starting to come alive with the buzz of people playing and relaxing. She watched everybody from afar since the area she was in was slightly private but approachable by anybody walking by.
More chairs were placed here and there so she opted to lay on one at the far right. Baxter sat besides her, panting softly. She scratched his ears and opened the book she was carrying.
“Well, hello Lilly!”
She turned toward the voice. Tom was waving at her. Danny, Dougie, and Harry were behind him, each wearing swimming trunks and carrying sports bags and towels. They settled themselves on the chairs beside hers.
Harry plopped himself down heavily and grinned. “What a coincidence to find you here! It’s been too long, hasn’t it?”
Lilly giggled at the sarcasm in his voice.
“Aren’t you going to get in the water?” Danny eyed her attire. He doubted she had a swimming suit underneath her clothes. She wore jeans that went down to her knees and a blue, lose top that left her arms uncovered.
She looked down at the clothes she was wearing and hugged herself self-consciously. “Um…no. I don’t think so.”
“Come on, Lil.” Harry nudged her side playfully. “What’s the point of coming down to the beach, then?”
Lilly didn’t notice the fact that he used her nickname, but she did notice his playful attitude and for the first time in a while she felt comfortable around a guy before. “Relax, maybe?”
“If you say so.” He winked at her and headed for the beach.
Danny and Dougie snickered at Tom.
“What are you laughing at?” He asked as he finished applying some sunscreen.
Lilly chuckled. “You have sunscreen in your hair.” She reached over and cleaned some of it with a quick swipe.
“Thanks.” Tom shook his head and touched his hair, trying to get rid of the rest. “Are you sure you don’t want to come with us?”
“I think I’ll sit this one out.” She was truly grateful at them for including her in the activities, but she didn’t want to intrude.
“What’s his name?”
“Excuse me?” Lilly had not heard the question Dougie asked her. Frankly, she wasn’t expecting him to talk to her at all. From what she had seen at dinner the night before, he was calculating and silent.
He looked at her funny and nodded his head towards Baxter. “What’s his name?”
“Oh,” she blushed at her own distraction. “Baxter.”
He knelt on the sand and patted Baxter’s head hesitantly.
She smiled fondly at the dog. “He doesn’t bite.”
“He doesn’t look like he was going to.” He offered her a friendly grin then returned to Baxter. “I’m more into lizards but you’re no so bad.”
“Mike has a big iguana,” She pointed towards the man in the back. “in case you want to see it if you get bored around.” ‘Stupid, Lilly.’ She thought. ‘That was lame.’
“That would be cool.” He patted the dog one last time. “Well, I’m off. Are you coming, mate?”
“Yeah, I’ll be there in a minute.” He was busy taking his time applying sunscreen. He didn’t really feel the need of applying it, since he had waited for this opportunity to get some colour on his pale skin. What he wanted was to talk to this girl for a second.
He was more annoyed than he cared to admit by the fact that his mates had found some common ground with her but she wouldn’t even look at him. She wasn’t fit nor gorgeous but he fazed by the way she tried not to acknowledge his presence.
Lilly turned towards him, vaguely aware that had asked her a question. She cursed herself for being distracted once again and flushed slightly. She frowned when he notices he had slipped his sunglasses on. For some reason it made her uncomfortable. “Sorry?”
He found her embarrassment amusing. He figured teasing her wouldn’t help at all. “What are you reading?”
Lilly turned the cover so he could see it. She saw his frown and look of confusion and smiled. “Sorry. It’s called ‘Chronicle of a Death Foretold’.”
He nodded. Thank God she had translated it or else he would’ve looking like a fool. “What’s it about?”
“I have no idea.” She laughed. “I borrowed it from my mom because it had a nice cover but I’ve only just opened it.”
He nodded once again. Okay, so far he knew she obviously spoke English and Spanish. Hmm…
“Where are you from?” he blurted it out. His curiosity just wouldn’t leave him.
Lilly looked at him blankly. “Um…I was born in Mexico, but I live in New York…most of the time. My dad is from England so we have a house there as well, but we rarely go there.”
Danny could see the longing in her eyes as she looked at the beach. He wondered why she wouldn’t just get in and enjoy the sun. “Wicked! Maybe one day you’re get to go there and catch one of our shows.”
She smiled at him and he was surprised by the genuine glimmer in her eyes. “Sure, I…I’d love that.”
Slowly, but surely, she was becoming friends with the guys. She had been pleasantly surprised to find they were actually quite nice and down to earth. She talked to Danny for a while longer, and then he went to the water to join the guys. They were currently playing volleyball by the net further down the beach. She sighed and went back to her book.
Baxter nudged her leg playfully and whined.
“What’s wrong, boy?” she set the book down and looked at him. “Are you bored?” The animal just wagged his tail anxiously. “Yeah, I am too…Come on, let’s play.”
“Alright, who’s winning?”
The guys were playing volleyball under the hot, afternoon sun. The net was located further down the beach, free to use by the residents of the area.
“We are.” Tom was paired up with Danny, while Harry and Dougie were just below their score.
“We’re letting you win, but just you wait.”
Danny laughed. “Yeah, keep telling yourself that.”
“Dude,” Dougie pointed somewhere behind Danny. “Isn’t that your girl?”
“Where?” Danny turned. There she was, a gorgeous redhead with piercing, pale blue eyes. An image of perfection is what she was. Clad in a baby blue bikini, she strolled lazily along the shoreline with the summer heat grazing her skin. “Yes, that’s she. Well, I’m off! I gotta get that girl.”
“But the game…” Tom trailed off. Obviously, Danny would not be around to finish the game, for he was already attempting to start a conversation with the girl.
“Five dollar she turns him down again.” Dougie grinned
“I’ll take that bet.” Harry knew Danny could be very persuasive when he wanted to.
Tom shook his head. “So that’s it? We can’t just leave the game hanging.”
Harry surveyed the beach. There were people here and there, everyone minding their own business. A few meters away form Danny and his girl was Lilly. She played with Baxter and a tiny ball. Her laughter of pure enjoyment was contagious and so, people found themselves staring as they passed by, admiring such love for life, such pleasure in being alive.
“Hey, Lilly!”
She looked around, looking for the source of voice. Her eyes fell on Harry who waved his arms, beckoning her over.
“Do you want to play with us?”
Lilly frowned. “I though you had your teams set.”
“We had.” Tom rolled his eyes. “Even the score, but our playboy there decided to run off.”
“Oh…I see.” It wasn’t that she was jealous. The girl Danny was with was absolutely gorgeous and she didn’t reproach him for wanting to get her. She was just disappointed, somehow.
“So, are you game?”
“huh?” Lilly snapped out of her dazed. “Um…I don’t know, I…” she grinned sheepishly. “I’m afraid of the ball and I’m not embarrassed to admit it.”
Tom laughed. “Come on, I’ll cover you. Please?”
She really couldn’t resist the pathetic look he was giving her. “Okay, fine, but don’t be surprised when I run off if the ball comes near me.”
“Don’t worry, you’ll be fine.” Harry winked at her and tossed the ball in the air, teasingly. “Ready? Here it goes!”
“Damn.” Danny walked back into the house. The sky was growing dark and he was tired. He had tried to get Tiffany’s number, but the girl was plain bitchy. She looked down at him as if he was the lowest, most despicable piece of trash in the planet. The girl was so sexy, though, he was hooked up immediately but now he doubted his own ability to make a good judgement out of a girl he wanted to have fun with.
He found Harry and Tom sitting in the outside living room by the pool. Harry looked up while Tom played the guitar he had brought along. “Had fun?”
The remark was heavy with sarcasm which made Harry smirk. “Hell, I had faith in you, dude!” Don’t let Dougie find out about this or I’m five dollars poorer.”
Danny scratched his head. His feet were killing him for standing so long in the sand. “Where is he?”
“Inside.” Tom looked up from his song writing. “Lilly showed him the X-box. She thinks she can beat him.”
Danny wasn’t sure why that unnerved him so much. He found her bonding with his band mates a bit annoying but he couldn’t really explain why. He was about to reply something quite nasty when a laughing Lilly burst out from a side. She was gasping for air as she struggled to speak. “Hide me!”
Dougie then came out behind her out of breath too.
She squealed in surprise. “Okay, I give up!” She placed a hand over her chest. “I give up.”
Dougie pointed a finger at her. “You cheated!” his accusation was softened with a laugh.
“I did not!” He made a move to walk towards her when she jumped back. “Fine, I did.” She stuck out her tongue. “It’s not my fault my cheating codes worked and yours didn’t.”
“So…” Harry grinned. “Who won?”
Lilly chuckled. “I did”
“Cheater.” Dougie mumbled when he walked past her. She slapped his arm playfully.
“Ha!” Harry grinned. “You owe me five.”
Dougie clicked his tongue. “Not yet. Did you score with the redhead?” He had turned to Danny, looking for a way to win Harry’s bet.
Danny shook his head. He felt everyone glance at him. Out of the corner of his eye he caught a glimpse of Lilly’s gaze. Suddenly, Dougie’s comment seemed to make him feel dirty.
Before anything else was said, Lilly cleared her throat and motioned them to follow her. “Dinner’s ready, guys, whenever you feel like it.”
She went back inside while the guys trailed behind her. Danny sighed softly. ‘Tomorrow should be better.’
It was almost midnight when Danny sat in the back of the outdoors living room. The guys had gone to sleep already since they wanted to have an early start the next day. He had borrowed Tom’s guitar and started to play softly, gently.
The atmosphere around him felt as if beckoned not to be disturbed. The night was still and silent, with only the waves’ crashing heard in the distance. The lights had been dimmed considerably since the staff had been dismissed by that time.
Danny sat in the very back, hidden by the shadows where the lights from the pool couldn’t reach him. Strangely enough, he wasn’t tired anymore; he was restless with inspiration. He had been playing for a few minutes when a movement at the side caught his attention.
His heart leaped at the sudden surprise but he stayed silent, slouching a bit more to remain hidden. Numbly, his fingers stopped playing and he waited.
His eyes narrowed in confusion when he saw Lilly step out from one of the stairways. She walked determinately to one of the long chairs with a towel and bag in her hands. After placing them on the chair, she glanced around and up, making sure she was alone. Fortunately, the living room was so sheltered, that the darkness prevented her from spotting Danny.
She took a hold of her hair and pulled it loose from her ponytail. Lilly smiled as she took a deep breath. These times…she loved them. She longed for times where she could feel this free; where she could feel this happy with herself without the nasty criticism of people, without the unfair judgement.
Slowly she took off her nightgown, revealing a black two-piece swimsuit underneath.
Danny gulped. It wasn’t that she was gorgeous or sexy. It wasn’t that she had an amazing body. The fact that he was watching something he wasn’t supposed to thrilled him. She displayed such a vulnerability that contrasted with her earlier behaviours and he found himself unable to tear his eyes away from that sight.
He thanked God for sending the other to sleep because at that moment he wasn’t sure he would’ve wanted to share this experience with anybody. He was secretly glad he had something of Lilly the others did no. He had her display of openness, of innocence, of…fear. He had been given the chance to step into her thoughts without her knowing.  
Danny knew this was wrong. He watched silently as she swam back and forth in the pool, her slow and underwater movements making little noise. He watched until she tired herself out and began to dry her body with a towel.
She had been gone for a few minutes yet he was still there, wondering what the hell had just happened. Her desire to feel the water on her skin had been too obvious. Frowning, he remembered the time earlier that day in which he had seen her look at the sea longingly. For someone with the world at their feet, he couldn’t understand why she stopped herself that way.
Shaking his head to push thoughts of her away, he decided to go to bed with plans of getting to Tiffany in his mind. But as he took off his shirt and laid in bed, Danny Jones thought of Lilly.
For the rest of the night, his thoughts dwelled in her, in the mystery she represented and in his own stupidity for having her in his mind.
-End of Chapter 7-

Alright, guys! Here it is! I really am very very sorry about my long abscence. It has been a rough time in more ways that one. Thank you all for keeping up with the story! It really means a lot. =D
Megstarstruck89 on January 20th, 2007 05:48 am (UTC)
i love your story!!

i jsut read all 7 chapters and ihope you come out with a new one soon! =]
lilymariellelilymarielle on April 15th, 2007 05:49 pm (UTC)
I'm really sorry I replied until now!
Really, I'm truly sorry!

Thank you sooo very much for you review!=D
I've posted chapter 8 now!

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