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10 July 2006 @ 12:48 am
Title: Guess This McFly Song #1
Author: JuliaFly
Rating: PG-13 for language and some violence
Summary: Summaries intend to give the story away, therefore this one give the song away.. Therefore, this summary is N/A. :)

16-year-old Tom sat at his desk, tapping his pen at the edge, staring hard at the blank lined page of his notebook. It was only 4pm, but the sky was filled with threatening clouds, making Tom's room dark and gloomy, except for the dim glow of his desk lamp. It had only been an hour since he sat down, ready to come up with something--a song, a line, maybe just even a word--but so far, nothing actually came up.

He ran his fingers through his blonde hair and brought the edge of his pen to the top line of the page, hoping something would flow out, when his cell phone began playing with a melody he had made up. His eyes shifted towards the phone, then back to the page. It continued to ring, but he continued to ignore it. He always put his music before his phone calls, unless it was someone who had music-related business; then his phone would play to the tune of “Pinball Wizard.” Sighing, he set his pen down leaned back. His focus switched to his school friends. He thought about calling up his best friends, maybe James Bourne wanted to hang out, or maybe Lia Thompson..

Lia. He last saw her over a month ago, when she celebrated her and her boyfriend's 6-month anniversary. He was glad to see how happy she was, despite finding out that her parents filed a divorce not long before that. He wondered how she was now....

That was when his phone rang. He checked the caller ID. "Well, whaddya know.." he said to himself, smiling as he picked up the phone and answered it. "Lia, darling! What's the matter? Can't even strike up a chat with your best mate-?"

But instead of a heart-filled laugh, he heard sobbing on the other end. His smile quickly wore off. "Lia..?"

"So you finally stopped writing and picked up the phone, Tom..." she said, her voice shaking a little.

Burn. She knew him all too well. “Are you alright, love?”

“Does it sound as though I am?” she asked with a little anger and frustration in her voice. This was a little different for Lia to have a minor angry outburst, but he chose to ignore it. Instead, his smile returned a little; she always cried to him whenever she had boy trouble, whether it was a boy rejecting her liking or a boy insulting her in any way.

"You poor girl. Tell me what the old bloke did this time around."

But this boy trouble was different.

"Oh Tom!" she yelled with a start, her voice cracking. "Everything's gone all wrong! Ron and I got into this huge argument about me not giving enough, and he broke up with me!"

"You’re joking-"

“DOES IT SOUND LIKE I’M JOKING?!” she yelled angrily into the earpiece, taking Tom by surprise.

“Whoa! Calm down, Lia!” Tom was seriously taken aback by her much angrier outburst. “What’s gotten into you? This is unlike you..”

“You’re right, Tom,” she said, whimpering. Then Tom heard her scream followed by what seemed to be a shattering of glass.

“Lia! What’s going on?!” Tom began to panic a little. As she continued to sob. "He proposed, Tom, and I said no.." she sniffled, with a small whimper. "Why did I say no..."

"Lia… you're only 17 years old," Tom explained, in hopes to reassure her. "And you've always wanted to focus hard on your studies…"

It seemed as though she didn't hear what he said. She was silent for awhile, and only a soft noise of crackling was heard. "I left that old prison ages ago.."

"...You dropped out???" Once again, Tom was in shock. His little Miss Studious was not even going to school anymore.

"What more was there to do, Tom?? I had nothing left--no boyfriend, no parents..." She cried dramatically.

Tom felt a little stab at the heart. "Lia, you've still got me..."

"You know the deal with my parents," she continued, sniffling and taking frequent breaths. "They hate me now! Mom won't return my calls, Dad's been beating me-"

Thunder was heard clapping above the sky.

"You're dad's been what?!"

“He’s been beating me, Tom! …” At that point, Tom heard two consecutive beeps coming from his phone, which overlapped the sound of Lia’s crying. He looked at the phone screen. Danny Jones was calling. "Damn," Tom said, sighing. Danny always called whenever he had a song idea, and whatever idea he had, it was always really amazing. Hesitating, Tom stared at the screen as the phone beeped twice continuously. Danny's great idea, or Lia's problem..

"Tom...? Tom???" He heard Lia say. "..Why aren't you here, Tom, when I need you the most? You're never here..."

Tom snapped back into reality. Lia needed him the most, yet he was thinking about Danny's great song idea. Feeling horrible, he bit his lip, at a loss for words.

"Tom!" she exclaimed. Suddenly he heard a loud bump coming from her end.

Quickly, Tom pressed the phone against his ear. "Lia? Lia! Are you alright over there?"

"I'm just.. so tired, Tom..." she said, her voice slowly growing weaker. "I'm tired of pain... tired of drama.. tired of.. life."

And the phone went blank as it started to rain outside. Tom looked at his phone. "Call Ended."

"Lia?!" Frantically, he pushed a button that showed the Recent Calls. He realized that Lia had called him seven times. 'What was going on?' he wondered worriedly as Lia's line rang. After the fifth ring, he heard her voice... unfortunately it was from her voice mailbox.

Tom ran down the staircase into the living room, picking up his long coat before he ran out the door. Lia was in trouble, and he had to reach her before it was too late.

As he walked quickly onto the street out in the rain with an umbrella over his head, his phone rang once again. Not realizing that he the ringtone was of “Pinball Wizard”, he quickly flipped his phone open and answered it. "Are you alright, love?" He asked, still walking quickly.

"Of course I'm alright, sweetie-poo!" the other voice replied mockingly. It was Danny. Tom had never felt so disappointed to hear Danny's voice over the phone. "Guess what," Danny said, sounding cheerful, "I broke the songwriter's block that we’ve both had all day. I’ve got some lyrics to test out on you…"

"That's great Danny…" Tom sounded distant, and Danny obviously noticed.

"Tom? You okay, mate?"

"Listen, I'm gonna have to call you back later. I've got things to take care of. Sorry." And Tom hung up, breaking off into a run.

"Ohhh dear," said Ron, as he watched the rain pour harder from under the flower stand. The flower man behind him held up a bouquet of Iris flowers. He was wearing a long, brown trenchcoat, a brown round hat, and brown boots.

"For the lovely lady?" the flower man asked.

"But of course," Ron replied, turning to him and grinning. "A little something to cheer her up."

Leaving the flower stand, he got out his phone and dialed the number of his sweetie. He felt bad for fighting with her the other day, and he wanted to make it up to her as much as he could.

"Damn, voice message," He muttered, as the rain began to rinse the bouquet. "Hey, Lia, it's Ron. I just wanted to let you know I was coming over. I want to talk to you.. I want to make you happy."

As he closed his phone and put it into his pocket, he noticed a familiar man quickly walking past him, wearing a light brown overcoat and a tophat. He seemed to want to be in disguise... It was Lia's father.

"Sir-" he started, but the man kept on walking, and so did he.

Lia's front door was unlocked. Ron walked in, clutching the now-drenched flowers in his hand. He took off his coat and hat and set them onto the coat stand. "Lia!" He called. No one answered, and he chuckled. Poor girl must be sleeping, he thought. Unaware of the chilling emptiness, he began to walk up the staircase to Lia's room, forgetting to shut the front door.

Panting, Tom stopped at Lia's front gate, looking down to catch his breath. His heart was pounding, and he was more worried for Lia than ever. As the rain continued to pour, a gust of wind blew furiously, and a loud bang was heard. Tom looked up at the front door, which had just been blown open.

"Lia!" Before stopping to think, he ran through the door, letting his umbrella fly from his hand. But he stopped, in front of the door, hearing loud banging noises. He realized then that he wasn't the only one calling her name.

"Lia, please speak to me!" he heard Ron shout as he ran up the stairs. Ron continued banging on the door.

"Ron, Ron, stop!" Tom yelled over the loud bangs.

"Liaa! Lia!!!" He continued.

"RON!!" Tom had no choice but to tackle Ron off from the door.

Ron got up, panting a little and glaring at Tom. But Tom got up and attempted to twist the doorknob.

“You would’ve figured that I’d try that!” Ron said irritably.

“Lia?” Tom said quietly.

Silence. Tom pressed his ear against her door, and only the sound of the wind and the rain as well as his heart pounding was heard.

“What’s going on?” Ron asked, taking notice of Tom’s scared face as he bent down and searched under the hallway rug.
“How was she the last time you talked to her?” Tom asked back, staring at Ron, knowing he would talk about the argument.

“Well, there was a great bit of yelling, we were both very upset at each other, it was very ugly…” Ron began.

Tom picked up a key from under the rug and put it through the doorknob.

“It was weird though,” Ron continued, looking down at his feet. “Throughout the argument, she kept saying, ‘I just wish I could go to sleep’…”

Click. The door was unlocked, but Tom stopped and stared at Ron, confused. “Go to sleep?” Tom wondered aloud.

Ron was still looking down, but had a confused expression as well. “She said it as though she…didn’t want to wake up again…”

With that, Tom turned the doorknob and pushed the door open.

From across the room he saw a glass vase broken and shattered. Next to the vase, Tom could make out a medical shot needle. The window was open and the rain poured heavily inside the room, the curtains flying madly, Tom ran into the room, followed by Ron, to find the bed empty.

”Lia…” Tom called out quietly. But as Ron let out a small horrified gasp, Tom knew that Lia would not answer. For there she was, long dark brown hair in a white, spaghetti strap dress, lying very still on the floor.

And next to her lay a tiny piece of paper. Tears welling in his eyes, Tom bent down, picked it up, and read it.

“Please save me, I’ve been waiting
I’ve been aching far too long”

Juty: Tom with flowervilya0 on November 16th, 2006 02:06 am (UTC)
One word: brilliant
Julia!peaceful_one on November 16th, 2006 02:22 am (UTC)
Thanks! =D I just read this again--the first McFly fic I've ever written. ♥ I've written soooo much more after this one. I'm just deciding now where to post them all up.
Juty: Star Wars 4 postervilya0 on November 16th, 2006 02:24 am (UTC)
Ooooh please do! I'd love to read more of your work! :D
Julia!peaceful_one on November 16th, 2006 07:12 am (UTC)
find more here: tomia_fics

there's only one fic up right now, but i'll have more up within the next couple of days, hahaha :D
oceanmotionoceanmotion on February 22nd, 2007 09:31 pm (UTC)
Ace! Proper Ace, loved it! Nice little idea, and you know what not nearly as morbid and depressing as it could have been - which I'm glad it was more sad, bitter and had much more depth than some angsty little one-shot.
Julia!: tompeaceful_one on February 23rd, 2007 10:31 pm (UTC)
Mmmm, thanks. This means a lot. The fact that you say "proper ace" makes me squee in happiness. =D
oceanmotionoceanmotion on February 24th, 2007 12:39 pm (UTC)
Oh dear, yes I tend to mix and match my sayings and they can come out a little obscure. ^^